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The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a test recognized by all American universities that evaluates the students’ level of English. Usually, all US colleges require foreign students to take the SAT for admission.

The SAT is usually a part of the entrance test. If you are planning to enroll overseas, we recommend that you take this test at least 12 months before enrollment. What does the dreaded SAT consist of?
There are two types of tests: SAT and SAT Subject Tests. The most prestigious American Universities usually require a passing score on the SAT and on at least two SAT Subject Tests. Some universities just require the SAT, so it depends on the University.
1) SAT 
It lasts three and a half hours. The exam covers 3 major areas: 
  • Critical Reading: here the candidate will have to read a series of paragraphs and answer some multiple choice questions.
  • Writing: this section consists of a small essay that needs to be written in 25 minutes, and a set of multiple choice questions.
  • Mathematics
Subject Test The SAT Subject Test is a type of exam that covers one subject matter at a time and consists of subjects such as: Literature, US & World History, Mathematics, Sciences and Languages. Each Subject Test lasts about 1 hour.
Italian students can register for the SAT in two ways: online or by mail.
The first method, is much more effective and immediate, but requires registration through the College Board website (only by credit card). Students would then just need to fill out the appropriate form on the website. 
Once registered, you will have to pay a $47 participation fee. The subject test has an additional $20 fee.
Those who would like to take the test in an international center will be required to pay an additional $28 fee.
In Italy, the SAT can be taken in the following locations: Aviano (PN), Duino (Trieste), Florence, Genoa, Gricignano D’Aversa (CE), Lanciano (CH), Milan, Nasi Sigonella, Rome, Turin and Viterbo.
The SAT score is as follows.
There are 3 sections of the SAT. Each section is awarded a score within a scale from 200 to 800, for a maximum score of 2400. Scores are available online (only with online registration) or by phone after about 3 weeks.
A hard copy is sent to the student by The College Board about 5 weeks after the exam. 
Each SAT Subject Test score is expressed within a scale from 200 to 800. Scores are available online (only with online registration) or by phone after about 3 weeks.
A hard copy is sent to the student by The College Board about 5 weeks after the exam.